To the babies being born

This shit is real

and really stinky

and all over everyone

and there are those who don’t think their shit stinks

Baby, your shit will smell too

Part of the process will be learning where best to poo

and how to turn it into something useful

and how to tell others when they need a good washing

and how to wash it out of your hair when you wish you didn’t have to.

Darling one, you are anciently wise and potently placed:

Your curiosity, creativity and conviction can help unplug this clogged system

but remember, you aren’t alone in this. A guru plummer can only offer a quick fix!

Find a stream of embodied beings and bring your listening intuition to the table...

and don’t get bent out of shape about the gas,

it too shall pass.

Lastly, if this shit gets globally acknowledged, and I do hope you can help us with that,

it can be dealt with collectively

and those who’ve endured the diarrhea

of a systemic sickness

will have the newly sustained experience

of walking through a park

fearlessly free from stepping on shit.

Let us sing and stand tall in this prophecy, knowing our history and steering this shit differently, for one day, the potential of our humanity won’t be hindered by the dirty work we have yet to do. One day, we will know exactly how to clean up our poo.