A journey through sound...

acoustic downtempo devotional music with r&b grooves on the guitar and charango, lyrical poetry

Laying down the serpentine loops on the guitar for talented soul-singing vocalists to improv over is a passion of mine! If you're one of those fly-by-the-seat-of-the-heart with your voice, get in touch. I have some grooves to guide the juice ~

Music from this one

Curating soulful, rhythmic, and often juicy songs into an arc of epiphany, I love to carve a path for dancers to open to their wild, sweet souls ~ collaborating in the mystical vortex music creates within them.  

These mixes were created for women-only ecstatic dance events hosted by Attunement Movement.
May the tapestry of sound continue to empower the wild soul within ~*~

A tasty teaser to a performance at Living Prism's Goddess event in Portland. Sisters of Sol Nectar with Water Eye and Elodie Massa. The song "Paradox Mystery" was written with/for/about our dear beloved friend Binah, who passed on in 2014.

Sol Nectar was a musical group that blended folk, funk, rock and medicine songs into "heart-opening fractal bliss". It was a way to collaborate with close friends and bring community together. Marc Tobin, Eva Riversong and I started the group in 2012, and it came to a natural  close in 2016. Along the way we joined forces with Michael Dougherty, Nathan Carver Smith, Terry Tomei and David Jacob. We also called upon artists and movement leaders to weave their talents into our shows as "featured galactivators". Some of those folks included live painting by Hosanna White, a comedy act by Alec & Andy Hamilton, a Gene Keys download by Binah Zing, and a kaleidscope yoga intermission with Lo Nathamundi. Some our favorite venues were bathhouses, outdoor festivals, healing centers, dance studios, and all-night house parties.