Attunement Movement

I received a phone call January 2015. It was an answer to one of my secretly held prayers.

The person on the phone had a similar prayer, so I jumped all in to see what collaboration was like

with a group of five supercharged soulful women... a stretch for my (closeted) non-binary self, and an invitation to explore movements that felt vulnerable and more feminine than I was used to embodying. 


Here are some of the expressions we created together:                                                                


              by Rising Appalachia 

                 choreography by

           the talented Diana Bustos

                  and Jess Young



                                                                                 improv dancing to

                                                                                  SaraTone's "Malama 'aina" 

                                                                                  each embodying an element




dancing in the "Open Roses" music video by The Ancient Wild:

Thank you for journeying with me...