Vision into Action


Ever show up at an event all gussied up with no one to talk real with? 

For the new year of 2017, Marc Tobin and I created a space at Beloved's NYE party "Vote for Dancing". Our job was to manifest self-explanatory ways for party-goers to vision into the new year after the Trump election. We teamed up with tea pourers, personal growth organizers, photographers, and activists who facilitated conversation on social change. 

Our initial task: turn the gritty entryway of the Roseland into a temple of connection & reflection: 




The central activity was a prompt ~


"Transform problems into solutions: What are you committed to doing in 2017?"








On a personal level, this project...

  • healed memories of being at parties with no space to connect meaningfully 

  • gave encouragement to identifying a problem and creating an interactive solution, inviting others into it

  • brought me in contact with artists and activists I was curious about

  • (temporarily) fulfilled me by witnessing party-goers strut, stumble or shyly step into a space that was created for their emotional and spiritual well-being

Lessons learned from coordinating this...

  • New Years can be a sentimental holiday. Finding committed collaborators for the space required unexpected emotional conversations, hard deadlines, and flexibility on my part

  • Having "space activators" was key ~ friends who knew the intention, could guide lost attendees and alert organizers when trouble was brewing (work trade incentives)

  • Getting clarity early on from the boss on what decisions were for us to make vs. them - speeds up the manifestation to know roles & responsibilities

  • Anxiety towards a collaborator dragging their feet is best funneled into honest moments of "what do you need help with?"

Will 2017 be a year of creative solutions with the "yes, and" approach? Many want to dance and celebrate with friends and strangers, and also do good work in this world. Can we anchor our love for life in both manifestations, all in one night? I cast my vote in this direction, and follow up with the invitation ~ where do you need more purpose to your party? Or perhaps more party to your purpose? Consider Marc and I your allies. We learned a ton in co-creating this template, and intend for more!

Thank you Larry for bringing the powerful practice of eye gazing, Steve Odell for pouring tea all night(s) long, Amit Zinman for capturing the vibrant intentions of everyone's "I will" statements, all the talented conversation leaders on topics from earth as our lover to the Portland Resistance movement, and bows of gratitude to all the heartfelt space activators who tended the evolution of this space with loving fierceness. You know who you are. Keep your ears open for the next call to activate! And to my incredible co-conspirer beloved boss Marc Tobin ~ I'm in pure joy on very little sleep thinking of you and I and what brings us together and feeds our souls with meaningful fun. I think this is it!