I can tell how much privilege I'm not acknowledging by how strong I turn the faucet on ~ I almost never need full water streaming! But when I forget and blast it on, I'm dismissing the web of life. Taking what's available to me while being unconscious to my impact... just as toxic as those who want to build a pipeline, dam a river, sell bottled water, repress emotions of others.

Feels good to see, and be seen in this daily unconsciousness waking up to be conscious again. 

Taking time to hydrate, being with feelings rather than fixing them, pausing to reflect, praying at the river, embracing sweat, kissing tears, cleansing the body, flowing with someone-we-love's process, traveling to standing rock, drinking from reusable water bottles, letting it mellow when it's yellow (or peeing outside!), trusting the flow when it comes from love... What else can we do to honor water? Now is a needed time.